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528 Custom Lost Art Goon V1.5 Style RDA 316SS 24mm 528 Custom Lost Art Goon V1.5 Style RDA 316SS 24mm
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Description:528 Custom Lost Art Goon V1.5 Style RDA is completed with a dual posts coil deck to contain dual coils, presenting in the bridge clamp style, handy to operate. The side airflow system contributes to dissipating the extra heat, keeping the atomizer at a moderate temperature and intimating..
$16.92 $21.16
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900 Style RDA 18mm 900 Style RDA 18mm
New -20 %
900 Style RDA 18mm Description:900 Style RDA comes with 2 incidental stainless steel tank tubes, differing in the height and decoration, succeeding in enriching your vaping with more fresh experiences. The bottom airflow system consists of 4 air holes in different sizes, conducive to customize your ..
$17.53 $21.91
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Acevape Bomb Cat RDA Acevape Bomb Cat RDA
-5 % In Stock
Acevape Bomb Cat RDA Description:Acevape bomb cat RDA is flexible in coil building and air flowing, which?leaves more space for your personal vaping. You may change your cold and serious perception of the?e-cigarette device from here because of the vivid pattern of a playing cat. Acevape Bomb Cat RD..
$29.99 $31.45
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Acevape Magic Master RDA Acevape Magic Master RDA
--2 % In Stock
Acevape Magic Master RDA Description:Acevape?magic master RDA consists of the stainless steel body and POM drip tip, keeping the durability and pureness in one. ?The Acevape magic master RDA side airflow system contributes to enhancing?the smoky effect, deeply immersing yourself into the?amazing vap..
$25.99 $25.42
Ex Tax:$25.99
Advken Artha V2 RDA 24mm Advken Artha V2 RDA 24mm
-20 % In Stock
Advken Artha V2 RDA 24mm Description:Advken Artha V2 RDA is constructed in the food-grade stainless steel,?with a certain of hardness and toughness, standing the test of wear and impact. You can twist the shell to expose more or few air inlet to capture a preferred taste.Main Features:1.?3 levels of..
$24.86 $31.08
Ex Tax:$24.86
Advken Breath RDA 24mm Advken Breath RDA 24mm
-100 % In Stock
Advken Breath RDA 24mm DescriptionThe Advken Breath RDA is designed with a configuration of dual coils, conducive to expand the heating area and mature the flavor. Constructed in stainless steel, it stands the wear and impact in the long-term use. 6 colors optional.Main Features:1. Dual posts design..
$28.90 $0.00
Ex Tax:$28.90
Advken Notch RDA 24mm Advken Notch RDA 24mm
-20 % In Stock
Advken Notch RDA 24mm Description:Advken Notch RDA?is?distinguished in the dual coil deck, which is the key to enhance the taste and impress on you with an optimized vaping. Made of 304 stainless steel,?the Advken Notch RDA?performs well in?standing the wear and impact in the long-term use. The?dual..
$19.36 $24.20
Ex Tax:$19.36
Advken Twirl RDA 24mm Advken Twirl RDA 24mm
-20 %
Advken Twirl RDA 24mm Description:Advken Twirl RDA is constructed in 304 stainless steel, with a certain hardness and toughness, standing the test of durability and impact in the long-term use. The Advken Twirl RDA equipped with a dual-post coil deck, you would find it effortless to experience the r..
$19.06 $23.83
Ex Tax:$19.06
Aivape OHANA RDA 25mm Aivape OHANA RDA 25mm
-100 % In Stock
Aivape OHANA RDA 25mm Description:Aivape OHANA RDA is delicate in size and well-behaved?in offering you a fresh and thick taste?that benefited from the smaller chamber and non-linear?airflow structure. Thanks to these exquisite designs, you would find it perform well in resisting leakage and creatin..
$19.99 $0.00
Ex Tax:$19.99
Armor Mods Engine Style RDA 22mm Armor Mods Engine Style RDA 22mm
-20 %
Armor Mods Engine Style RDA 22mm Description:Armor Mods Engine Style RDA is well-equipped with dual posts on the deck to facilitate the installation of the single coil. You can twist the top cap to expose less or more space?of the inner tube for a strengthened or mellow taste.Main Features:1.?Single..
$14.25 $17.81
Ex Tax:$14.25
Asmodus Blank RDA Asmodus Blank RDA
-20 % In Stock
Asmodus Blank RDA Description:Asmodus blank RDA is capable of feasting you with an intense flavor and thicked vapor benefiting?from 810 the drip tip and sextuple?airflow system. You can effortlessly accomplish the rebuilding and disassembly on the single coil deck. The pre-installed organic cotton w..
$33.94 $42.43
Ex Tax:$33.94
Asmodus Bunker RDA Asmodus Bunker RDA
-20 % In Stock
Asmodus Bunker RDA Description:Asmodus Bunker RDA comes with a?BF pin, perfectly matching with a squonk mod. What distinguishes the Asmodus Bunker RDA from the similar is the transparent glass tube, which is effective to reassure you about the conditions of the wicking cotton and squonk while vaping..
$34.25 $42.81
Ex Tax:$34.25
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