Vapers in public have banned the use of electronic cigarettes in public if the project goes from Snuff proposed by the Bill.

Department of Health of the country is at war with cigarettes with a set of new laws - and vaping will be hit with the same legal issues.

The draft law sets out stricter laws on recreational habit including more graphic packaging, banning smoking in public places and removing all signage on cigarette packs.

The CEO of the Association herbva pro vapor product of South Africa (VPA), Zodwa Velleman has confirmed electronic cigarettes are currently included proposals for new laws.

AVA now urges the federal government to adjust the bill to treat Vapes and snuff cigarettes as two separate concepts, rather than grouped into a single category.

"The industry is not saying we do not want airistech regulation, we need regulations, as an industry, even though we have our own self-regulation that ensures that only deal with customers who are 18 years and older," Velleman said.

A proposed adjustments to the law of the snuff proposal has been sent to the government by the VPA with the hope that no changes are made before it is passed.

It allows users to choose the amount of nicotine they consume while vaping. Therefore ranging from 0.01 mg to 18 mg.

A document for further adjustments to laws proposed in snuff has been sent by the government of VPA.

health professionals and oil vaporizer vapers Pro now refers to the new laws that will be deprived of smokers of electronic cigarettes and the benefits they offer, which is a method to quit tested.

A researcher and cardiologist who has published more than 50 studies and articles on smoking, damage snuff and electronic cigarettes, Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, has now written to officials in South Africa express concern about many of the proposals in the bill.

He said in a statement: "In short, the bill makes no distinction between e-cigarettes and snuff cigarettes fuels. In fact, defined using relx device electronic cigarettes (ie Vaping) as smoking. As a result, the same restrictions apply in marketing, advertising and prohibition closed public places such as smoking.

"There is also an attempt to relx vape e-cigarettes are classified as snuff products because of the extracted nicotine snuff … This decision is unreasonable and has no scientific basis.

He added: "In addition, the bill raises the possibility of introducing health warning messages on cigarette packaging electronic and can even put a simple package into practice.

"All these proposals will lead to misinformation and misconceptions among smokers about electronic cigarettes, and discourage and prevent switching to an alternative much less harmful. In my comment, I provide a brief summary of current knowledge about electronic cigarettes and present the potential consequences for public health unwanted some of the proposals ".